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SAP MM stands for material and management modules, covering various data management like inventory management, invoice verification, evaluation of materials, purchasing, consumption based planning, vendor mastering, and material mastering of data, etc. This online training is conducted by best SAP professionals from the industry hence the training imparts best grooming lesson for the enrolled students. Online SAP MM courses can be done form home and absolutely with flexi time mode, which has made the SAP MM Online Training course more popular between students as well as for management professionals.

Defining Enterprise Structure and its

  • Units
  • Define company
  • Define company code
  • Define controlling area
  • Define plans
  • Define storage locations
  • Define purchase organization
  • Define purchase group

Assigning organization structure units

  • Assigning company to company code
  • Assigning controlling area to company code
  • Assigning plants to company code
  • Assigning purchasing org to company code
  • Assigning plants to purchasing org

Explanation about Master data & transaction data

  • Material, Material Master, Material type
  • Material group, Material class Material views
  • Material master record
  • Material Master Data IMG settings
  • Material valuation area
  • Maintain company code at material management
  • Material out put type
  • Number range and its assignment to material type
  • Creation of material
  • Change of material
  • Display of material
  • List / report of material

Vendor master IMG settings

  • Number range
  • Vendor account group
  • Assignment of number range for vendor account group
  • Creation of vendor
  • Change of vendor
  • Display of vendor

Purchasing info record IMG settings

  • Define number range
  • Assignment of number range
  • Creation of purchasing info record
  • Changing of purchasing info record
  • Display of purchasing info record
  • List of PIRs

Source list IMG settings

  • Creation of source list
  • Change of source list
  • Display of source list
  • List of source lists

Transactional data

  • Document structure
  • Purchase requisition (PR)
  • PR IMG settings

Assign number range to document type of PR

  • Creation of purchase requisition
  • Change of purchase requisition
  • Display of purchase requisition
  • List of PRs

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

  • RFQ IMG settings
  • Define number range
  • Define document type of RFQ
  • Assign number range to document type
  • Creation of request for quotation (RFQ)
  • Change of request for quotation (RFQ)
  • Display of request for quotation (RFQ)
  • List of RFQs
  • Creation of RFQ w.r.t PR

Creation of quotation

  • Change of quotation
  • Display of quotation
  • Price comparison

Types of out-line agreements

  • Types of contract
  • Contracts IMG settings
  • Define number range
  • Define document type of contract
  • Assign number range to document type
  • Creation of contract
  • Change of contract
  • Display of contract
  • Creation of contract w.r.t PR, RFQ

Schedule Agreements (SA)

  • Schedule agreement IMG settings
  • Define number range
  • Define document of schedule agreement
  • Assign number range to document type
  • Creation of schedule agreements
  • Change of schedule agreements
  • Display of schedule agreement
  • Entering of delivery schedules

Creation of cost center

  • Creation of std. hierarchy for cost center
  • Assigning std. hierarchy to group
  • Creation of cost center
  • Creation of cost Element

Purchase orders

  • Purchase order IMG settings
  • Define number range
  • Define document type of purchase orders
  • Assign number range to document type
  • Set tolerance for price variance (PE, SE)
  • Creation of purchase order
  • Change of purchase order
  • Display of purchase order
  • Creation of purchase orders w.r.t PR, RFQ, contract, SA

Automatic conversion of PR to PO

  • Pricing procedure
  • Define access sequence
  • Define condition types
  • Define calculation schema
  • Define schema group: vendor
  • Define schema group: purchase organization
  • Assignment of schema group to P org
  • Assignment of schema group vendor to vendor
  • Define schemas determination for std.PO

Release procedure

  • Edit characteristics
  • Edit class
  • Define release procedure for PO
  • Release groups
  • Release codes
  • Release indicators
  • Release strategies

Valuation and account assignment

  • IMG settings:
  • Define price control for material types
  • Account determination without wizard
  • define valuation control
  • group together valuation areas
  • define valuation classes
  • define account grouping for movement types

configure automatic postings

  • Inventory Management overview
  • Goods movement
  • Types for goods movements
  • Goods receipts
  • Goods issue
  • Stock transfer
  • Transfer posting
  • Stock type
  • Movement type

Inventory management IMG settings:

  • Plant parameters
  • Number assignment in INV management
  • Define number assignment for A/c ing doc (for GR, GI&PI)
  • Set tolerance limits for goods receipt (B1, B2, and VP)
  • Create storage loc automatically in INV mgmt
  • Set delivery completed indicator
  • For GR based IV, Reversal of GR despite invoice
  • GR using MIGO
  • Effects of GR
  • GR blocked
  • GR blocked release
  • GR initial stock

Stock transfer

  • Between plants
  • One step method
  • Two step method
  • Between storage location
  • One step method
  • Two step method

Goods issue & transfer posting

  • Goods issue- to cost center
  • Quality inspection to blocked stock
  • Blocked to unrestricted stock
  • Unrestricted to quality inspection stock

Physical inventory concepts IMG settings

  • Creation of physical inventory document
  • Change of physical inventory document
  • Display of physical inventory document
  • Invoice verification overview
  • IMG setting in LIV
  • Maintain number assignment for A/c img docs
  • Configure how unplanned delivery cost are posted
  • Configure vendor specific tolerance
  • Set check for duplicate invoices
  • Tax settings
  • Check calculation procedure
  • Assign country to calculation procedure
  • Check and change the settings for calculation procedure
  • Define tax codes

sales& purchases

  • Entering of Invoice (in MIRO)
  • Parking of invoice
  • Holding of invoice
  • Releasing of parked and hold invoice
  • Special procurements
  • Sub contract
  • Special procurement
  • Stock transport
  • Special procurement
  • Vendor consignment

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