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Oracle Identity Manager is a powerful and flexible enterprise identity management system that automatically manages users' access privileges within enterprise IT resources. Its flexible architecture easily handles the most uncompromising and rigorous IT and business requirements without requiring changes to existing infrastructure, policies or procedures. Oracle Identity Manager is designed to manage user access privileges across all of a firm's resources, throughout the entire identity management lifecycle -- from initial creation of access privileges to dynamically adapting to changes in business requirements. Because of Identity Manager's innovative design, enterprises can elegantly incorporate necessary business changes at minimal cost, while avoiding enforced customization that might be necessary with other provisioning systems.


1. Identity Management Overview:

  • What is a Middleware?
  • What is Oracle Fusion Middleware?
  • Components of Fusion Middleware
  • What is an identity?
  • What is Identity Management?
  • What is Identity Manager?
  • Different types of Identity Managers
  • Why is it required?
  • What is OIM? (Oracle Identity Manager)
  • Features of OIM
  • Role of OIM

2. OIM Architecture:

  • Middleware Tier:
  • Presentation Tier
  • Business Services Tier
  • The Data Tier

3. Download:

  • How and where to download?
  • Components required
  • Version compatibility

4. Components:

  • Repository Creation Utility(RCU)
  • Weblogic
  • Jdk/Jrockit
  • IAM Suite
  • SOA Suite
  • Oracle Database

5. System Requirements 6. Installation:

  • Database installation
  • Database Configuration
  • Java/Jrockit download & installation
  • Weblogic Installation
  • SOA Suite Installation
  • IAM Suite installation

7. Configuration:

  • Creating domain
  • Configuring the domain for OIM using Configuration Wizard

8. OIM Administration: (Identity System Administration)

  • Oracle Identity Manager System Administration Console
  • Concepts of Provisioning
  • Concepts of reconciliation
  • About Schedulers
  • About Event Management
  • Reconciliation Events

9. Sandbox:

  • What is a sandbox?
  • How to create a sandbox?
  • How does a sandbox help during customization?
  • How to view the contents of a sandbox?
  • Activating and de-activating a sandbox
  • Publishing a sandbox

10. Catalog:

  • What is a catalog?
  • How does the cart system work?
  • What is an entitlement?
  • What are the schedulers associated with the catalog and the cart items?
  • How to do a customized search in a catalog?
  • Adding tags to a particular item in a catalog

11. Application Instance:

  • What is an App instance?
  • How and why is using an app instance more convenient, compared to OIM11gR1's flow
  • How to create an App instance?
  • How to create a disconnected App instance?
  • Using form designer to attach a form to an App instance

12. Identity Self Service:

  • How to Track Requests?
  • Checking the Pending Attestations?
  • Creating users in OIM
  • Creating roles in OIM
  • Creating Organization in OIM
  • Who is a Xellerate User?

13. Connectors:

  • What is a connector?
  • Why do we need connectors?
  • Different types of connectors

14. Design Console:

  • Various components and features of design console
  • Navigating in the design console
  • Special Fields and Form types
  • Designing forms according to the target system attributes
  • Creating adaptors for tasks
  • Creating IT Resource definition
  • Creating IT Resource

15. Access Policies

  • Terminologies used in Access Policies
  • Attaching an access Policy to a role.
  • Automating the process of provisioning using Access Policies

16. Authorization Policies:

  • What is an authorization policy
  • How to create an authorization policy
  • Associating an authorization policy to a role
  • Using OIM in real-time production Environment

17. Connector Installation and Configuration with the target:

  • Target System Installation
  • Connector Installation
  • Filling the IT Resource
  • Running Schedulers
  • Checking the failed schedulers
  • Checking the Lookups

18. Connector Functionality:

  • Create User in OIM
  • Provisioning user to target system
  • Adding roles/profiles to the user
  • Deleting the user from target
  • Locking and unlocking the user account
  • Recon User
  • Managing user attributes and Passwords using OIM
  • Checking the events in event management tab
  • Sorting the event when N number of events are generated

19. Generic Technology Connectors:

  • Requirements for GTC
  • Features of GTC Connectors
  • Architecture of GTC Connectors

20. Connector Lifecycle:

  • Installing Connector
  • Cloning Connector
  • Upgrading Connector
  • Uninstalling Connector

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