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Every individual is capable of doing things which are special in its own terms. But in the longer run, their skill set and ability to apply their skills in a given condition is what sets them apart from others. In this competitive world and more in an industrial perspective, what matters the most is your ability to adapt to a particular situation where you'll be challenged and expected to bring out results. To be confident and to showcase your skills, it's vital to a have proper structured work experience prior to going for a paid job. It is very much the seed,which will bring you the fruits in your paid job. Being a progressive organisation, Radhika Technosoft understands the market needs to its every potential detailing and has evolved through the time cycle without fail. Job support Transition, one of the most effective Job Support program is designed around certain core values – Provide proper work experience, specific goal and skill oriented, identifying each individual's need and ability and offer them what matches them the best.


Job Support, effectively is a job support program which will help you to build your confidence and makes you realize what's right and wrong in a practical environment. Our Job Support program is designed keeping four principle characteristics which we have identified as the most essential aspect for an individual to get evolved from a student to a professional.


The real work environment is brought into place rather than a classroom set up.


When you get an opportunity to explore hands on experience in a real work environment, it'll bring a sea of difference in the way of your approach to a particular situation. You are skilled and knows the theoretical side of it. But three principle criteria which decide the faith of your skills are – When to use, What to use and How to use. Bringing your skills into application is what matters the most. Nothing matters like working in a workplace. To counter this problem, we have designed our Job Support Transition program in a way where every individual will be offered extended work experience placements that are set up to be as much like paid jobs as possible. Moreover, classroom methodology of training is not an apt solution for people with a significant intellectual disability. Understanding every aspect, our Job Support Transition is designed and operated keeping every category in regards. The work placements are located in central business districts which offers plenty of opportunities at any given time. The operational design of the program is such that individuals will be made into a group of five and will be assigned to do individualized jobs. To bring a professional guidance, we'll have a Jobsupport Transition staff member permanently located at each cluster to provide one on one training and support for each individual.


Job Support Training Program has a completely “goal” oriented design.


The logical approach to any job support training program is to understand each individual's area of interest and skills and then channelling him or to her to a job which suits them the best. Unfortunately, this is one point where many individuals fail to comply with the demands of the industry. To crop this out and bring each individual to a competitive equation, we have designed our Job Support Training Program where Job support Transition uses Individual Transition Planning to identify the skills and interests of each person, are thereby deriving a proper module for each individual. Rather than giving sessions on general information on works, we place a targeted goal for each individual and then work towards achieving that goal. well appreciated for its mode of operation is designed as training towards goals and barriers allows Job support Transition to move people into employment faster than a set training program. While some service users require two years of transition support, most achieve employment in the first year itself. It's completely a job oriented program where it's less about theory and more on practical grounds. Our sole emphasis is to place people in work sites that will fit perfectly with their interest and skills.


Guidance and support of experienced team of staffs.


The confidence which an experienced staff member gives is immense. Our Job Support Transition managers have extensive experience in working with Job support's open employment service. Through their previous experience, they've themselves gone through every road in placing people with an intellectual disability in an open employment. They've seen it in the past and is more than happy to do it with you again. What sets them apart is their decision making skills. They are masters at it because of their immense knowledge about the employment and associated areas. As a teacher and guide, the value they bring on to the table in huge. They play a key role in setting up the appropriate transition goals for each individual. University­accredited training is provided to all Job support staff in both the employment and transition programs to bring out the best and turn them into highly skilled job trainers who to contribute to the program in a large scale.


A strong link with an effective open employment service (Job support) that provides on­going support and training.


Job support Transition is a part of Job support, the successful Disability Employment Service program. The major benefits of this link include sharing ideas and updates on service user progress, receiving regular information on the challenges and opportunities available in the employment marketplace that helps our work experience sites reflect paid employment opportunities, and being able to advise and advocate for service users as they move into employment. Job support Transition service users who move through to the Job support Open Employment service, are assured of the best training and support not just at the beginning of their employment but throughout each individual's journey of professional life. Over the years, 70% individuals who completed Job support Transition or Community Work Options program are in open employment and we are proud to play a part in bringing a change in their life. Together we believe, can change this world.

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