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IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 System Administration
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This course introduces you to basic concepts that provide the foundation for IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 and IBM Lotus Notes 8.5, and it is the point of entry to the entire core system administration curriculum. This course covers the foundational knowledge needed to perform basic administrative tasks in a Lotus Domino 8.5 infrastructure. This course does not cover how to install, configure, maintain, or troubleshoot a Lotus Domino 8.5 infrastructure.

Lesson 1: Introducing the IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 Environment

Topic 1A: Examining the IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 Architecture

  • IBM Lotus Domino Architecture
  • Client and Server Architectural Components
  • Server Documents
  • Lotus Domino Server Types
  • Default Location Documents
  • Client Types
  • Overview of Lotus Notes 8.5 Features

Topic 1B: Investigating IBM Lotus Domino Applications

  • The Object Store
  • Components of Lotus Domino Applications
  • Database Types and Applications
  • Composite Applications
  • Required Server Applications
  • The Lotus Domino Directory
  • Lotus Domino Domains
  • Single vs. Multiple Domains

Topic 1C: Exploring IBM Lotus Domino Server Functionality

  • Categories of Lotus Domino Services
  • Core Lotus Domino Services
  • Server Tasks
  • Lotus Domino Advanced Services

Lesson 2: Performing Basic Administration Tasks

Topic 2A: Starting IBM Lotus Domino Administrator

  • Lotus Domino Administration
  • Lotus Domino Administration Tools
  • The Lotus Domino Administrator Interface

Topic 2B: Using Online Help

  • Online Help Resources

Topic 2C: Navigating in IBM Lotus Domino Administrator

  • Lotus Domino Administrator Tabs
  • The Person Document
  • Groups
  • Tasks on the People and Groups Tab
  • Tasks on the Files Tab
  • Tasks on the Server Tab
  • Tasks on the Messaging Tab
  • Lotus Domino Replication
  • Tasks on the Replication Tab
  • Tasks on the Configuration Tab

Topic 2D: Setting Administration Preferences

  • Administration Preferences

Topic 2E: Introduction to Policies

  • Policies
  • Policy Documents
  • Settings Documents

Lesson 3: Examining IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino Security

Topic 3A: Identifying IBM Lotus Domino Security Components

  • IBM Lotus Domino Terminology
  • Organizations
  • Organizational Units
  • Organization Certifiers

Topic 3B: Designing a Hierarchical Naming Scheme

  • Hierarchical Naming
  • Components of a Hierarchical Name
  • Hierarchical Naming Example
  • Organizational Unit Naming Recommendations
  • Separate Server OUs
  • Server Naming Recommendations
  • Server Host Names and Common Names
  • User Naming Recommendations
  • Planning a Hierarchical Naming Scheme
  • How to Design a Hierarchical Naming Scheme

Topic 3C: Authenticating with IBM Lotus Domino Servers

  • Security Controls
  • Certificates and ID Files
  • Types of Certificates
  • ID Files
  • Components of an ID File
  • Common Certificates
  • How Certificates are used in Authentication
  • The ID Vault Feature
  • How to Create an ID Vault

Topic 3D: Controlling Access to Resources

  • Introduction to Lotus Domino Access Controls
  • Access Control Lists
  • Roles
  • How IBM Lotus Domino Controls Access
  • Stages of Access Control
  • Security Using Groups
  • Group Types
  • Best Practices for Creating Groups

Topic 3E: Determining Database Access Levels

  • Access Control List Levels

Topic 3F: Determining Workstation Security Levels

  • Execution Access
  • The Execution Control List

Lesson 4: Examining IBM Lotus Domino Mail Routing

Topic 4A: Introducing IBM Lotus Domino Messaging

  • Lotus Notes Named Networks
  • Mail Routing and Lotus Notes Named Networks
  • Mail Routing Protocols
  • Mail Routing Components
  • Mail Settings that Affect Routing
  • The Mail Routing Process
  • Router Optimizations in Lotus Domino 8.5

Topic 4B: Designing a Mail Routing Topology

  • Mail Routing Topologies
  • Topology Types
  • Hub and Spoke Topology Considerations
  • How to Design a Mail Routing Topology

Lesson 5: Examining IBM Lotus Domino Replication

Topic 5A: Introducing IBM Lotus Domino Replication

  • What is Domino Replication?
  • Components of the Replication Process
  • The Server-to-Server Replication Process
  • Replication Tools
  • The Workstation to Server Replication Process
  • Database Replicas
  • The Database Replication Process
  • Streaming Replication
  • The Field Level Replication Process
  • Factors that Affect Replication

Topic 5B: Designing a Replication Strategy

  • Types of Replication Topologies
  • Server Replication Types
  • Replication vs. Routing Topologies
  • Considerations for Choosing a Replication Type
  • How to Design a Replication Strategy

Lesson 6: Extending the IBM Lotus Domino Environment

Topic 6A: Selecting Additional IBM Lotus Domino Services

  • Lotus Domino Standard Services
  • Lotus Domino Internet Security Mechanisms

Topic 6B: Implementing IBM Lotus Domino Scalability Features

  • Scalability Options
  • Lotus Domino Clusters
  • Benefits of Clustering
  • Lotus Domino Partitions
  • Benefits of Partitions

Topic 6C: Integrating Other IBM Products

  • IBM Lotus Sametime
  • IBM Lotus Connections
  • IBM Lotus Quickr

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